Society and Social Media Part 1

The usage of social media is positioned in such a way that you would adopt the feeling of missing out on societal trends and advancement. Daily usage of apps such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and TikTok accumulate hours of our life and time which has subconsciously become habitual. How people interact and engage with one another generally feels more intense than human interaction. Often, engagement is unpredictable and could be perceived as a showcase of the challenges faced with diversity on a large scale. Context is often neglected, and perceived truths find themselves centre to arguments that hold no mutual relevance between the engaging parties. Social media is a very powerful tool and the platform it gives individuals provides the ability to connect with others globally. Popular apps allow you to present yourself in any manner you choose, on the condition that you adhere to their terms and conditions. You can almost be anybody. The idea of social media is that powerful, that it can glamorise lifestyles that cause a lot of trouble in everyday life - such as fraud. The power of influence, can have large audiences believing that the victims of harm and wrongdoings are deserving of their treatment. Admittedly, it is easy to conform to these views when you spend so much time immersing yourself in such controversy. If someone is catfished, they are then the topic of the jokes. We subconsciously neglect the emotional damage incurred in these ordeals. We shame those who are defrauded of their money for being 'stupid', which in turn enables acts of fraud to commence as an accepted punishment for being naïve. Deceitful behaviours tolerated in our society because we do not allow ourselves to see the picture beyond the screen. The cutting realisation that you have been robbed of your hard earned wealth. The trust issues developed from the experience where you were on cloud 9 in belief that you were making progressive steps, to just get spat out and isolated in a society that does not recognise your pain nor the ability to empathise in moments of vulnerability. It becomes easy to buy into the idea that you should tear someone else down to put yourself up higher on a platform that does not represent 100% of the picture.