Looking Out to the Lake

Thank you for your curiosity.

As a 26-year-old male, living in the UK, having grown up with some adversity defined by statistical data within my demographic; I will be talking and writing about topics from the perspective of a hopefully relatable person. The intention behind this initiative is to build and grow a community whom often feel lost and detached from society at times and then reconnect through our similarities. From a more personal point of view, I would like to use my perspective to gauge how connected with the standard reality that I am. As I write this, I suppose it is also to be vulnerable by voicing my inhabitions and assessing the general reaction to such content. I hope more than anything, that readers will find positives from anything produced by us. In the Myers-Briggs personality test, my four letters are INTJ, on the DISC profiles, my letters are CS; so this sort of initiative is not usually something that I would be too enthusiastic about - However, I do think it would be beneficial to my character development to try something new and see where this takes me and the community. For me, community is very important, because it offers that sense and feeling of belonging - which is necessary when understanding one's purpose.

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